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Hi Don, I suppose you didnt think you would hear from me again! I have been in my new job 6 months and time does fly when you are enjoying yourself. I would like to say that it was a pleasure to be associated with you and your "first" book when I worked at Sainsburys.I hope that the small amount of promotional work I did for you has helped publicise your book and that sales are still going strong. Hope you are keeping well. Julie xxx
Julie Felton <>
UK -
How could i find out more about me great grandad who was in the K.S.L.I.
Simon Smith <>
redditch, england UK -
Does anyone recall or have any info on my Uncle Phillip Brighton who was 6ft3in, may help, I have only just began my research and have no other details, many thanks
Garry Trim <>
London, UK -
Hi Don, I'm Capt. Nigel Prutton's second son. My father died over 30 years ago and I never really got to hear much about his war experiences. With your marvellous help I am now going through the very humbling experience of finding out. Keep up the good work.
Ian Prutton <>
Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire UK -
That sounds like a cracking idea, perhaps Don can gather several more stories, get them down in writing before you turn up everyone.
Mark Smith <>
Whitstable, Kent UK -
Don. For your readers I'm Tony, Percy Lewis' eldest and damn proud of it! I must have read your book from cover to cover and back again and still find it absorbing stuff. Great work Don. Just a thought, wouldn't it be something for a second or third generation "get together" to meet our heroes' relations to exchange stories over a drink perhaps? If anyone is interested get in touch and we will get the ball rolling. Take care all, Tony.
Tony Lewis <>
Martley, Worcestershire UK -
Hello Don. I am Bill Smith's eldest daughter and like all of my family, consider Dad to be one of life's quiet heroes. He never really told us what he went through in the war and your book is a valuable source of information for all of us. It is such a shame Dad died before your book was available, but then he would have been embarrassed by all the attention he would have been given had he been alive! I like to think of him watching us from somewhere and having a quiet chuckle. Thanks for all your work in producing this book.
Bev Hamer <>
Cairns, Queensland Australia -
A detailed version that brings you to live what a war was like. Good read, difficult at times when you had to read the names and titles that these soldiers had. Well done, until the next one!!
Patrick OŽDonovan <>
UK -
Dear Don, I was born in Tilburg on the 6th of June (!) 1935 and when I was 9 years old, we woke up in the morning of the 27th of October 1944 and saw a train of 4 British lorries standing , each with a small cannon at the back. With them were the gunners, who were making tea on the triangle field in front of our house. On their caps they had a logo of a red and blue square, standing on one point and an exploding ball on it in metal. Most men were from London. I remember one of them, called Cliff, who gave my little brother a cup of real tea. A few hours later they all ran into our house to listen to the BBC. Is there anybody who can tell more about Cliff ? Thanks in advance. Jos Brekelmans, 5612 MJ-57 Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Jos Brekelmans <>
Eindhoven, Netherlands -
Hi Don, I finally managed to locate the site. Bring me a book to work on Wednesday!!!
karen <>
UK -
Thanks for your letter 16/3/02. Did look on your web-site and found the photo of the Tilburg group. It will be placed in the paper and I hope to find the people !! I let you hear it.
Theo Dekker <>
Tilburg, NEDERLAND Thanks for l UK -
Guns and Bugles is not only an extremely well written testament to the courage and fortitude of your father and his regiment, but also an invaluable record of a time long gone. I found the compassion and respect "our lads" had for one another particularly touching and it is a true sorrow that a great many people of today know little of those qualities. This book, and others like it need to be read if we are to learn anything from our past and so move forward. Congratulations Don, your book is a wonderful achievement and you should feel very proud of yourself!
Richard Harris <>
Solihull, West Midlands UK -
Don, I am another Grandson of Bill Smith. I'm writing to let you know I really enjoyed the book.
Lee Smith <>
Swindon, Wiltshire UK -
Dean Craddock <>
UK -
Hi Don, this is Maddy's husband, not quite finished the book yet, but I think it is very interesting and have read stories that I had not heard about. It makes a nice change to get the human aspect of war rather than the sanitised version we normally get from the powers that be. Excellent book, well done.
Martin Reeves <>
UK -
Hello! Don, I am Bill Smith's sister. Thank you for the book, of which I read a page or two each day. There is so much about Bill that I do not know and the book shows me a side that was missing. It was about 28 years between visits but he was always my hero. Thank you again sincerely. Dorothy
Dorothy Sieverling <blimeyslimeylimey@yahoo.comm>
milton, ont canada UK -
Hey Don I'm the grandson of Bill Smith. My name is Ben. Good work on the book
Ben Henry <>
Nelson, New Zealand -
Well done Don, the book is marvellous. I was hooked the moment I started reading it, you have made history exciting and enlightened me more than anyone, including my father, about what war is about and what my father got up to - He was a bigger rogue than I realised!! And I am glad I found out too ;-)

Mark Smith <>
Whitstable, Kent UK -


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