The Battalion football team was one of the best in the British Army at that time.

It featured some half dozen professional and ex-professional players who guided the team to many victories, and only lost on a couple of occasions once to an RAF team which featured a couple ex-England players who were far from past their best.

The story of the Portland cup is featured in text in the photo gallery written by Capt Ray Bristowe and sent to the Regimental Magazine just after the War. Major shaw was also custodian of the cup for some time during the hostilities. I'm pleased to say that after some research I discovered that the very same cup now resides at the Officers Mess at HQ 5th division, Copthorne Barracks, Shrewsbury. Very appropriate as this is the Original home of the King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

Sadly Paddy (Fred ) Mills was killed in Holland during the war, by a booby trap mine.
The details are covered in my book. Not only was Paddy a great footballer but also a great member of the Regiment.