Snowy Brannan's Story

Signallers were hard to find and train, it being a more technical job and they often found themselves in hairy situations at the front line.

One of the most dangerous jobs was mending the lines after they had been cut during a bombardment.

Bdr Snowy Brannan was out mending lines for days on end one time

When they hooked up the lines to the command post, they were shocked to find that the voices on the other were German!!

During my research when making a new contacts the old soldier would ask me " Have you contacted so and so" etc.

One old comrade they all asked about was Snowy Brannan. After some time I managed to contact his daughter, who sent me some photos, which you can see via the Photo Gallery.

Snowy was a cartoonist and submitted many cartoons for leading newapapers. Each day the men would have report to Battalion/Regimental HQ to view daily or Regimental orders. This is where soldiers would find out what was going on, on a day to day basis and anything peculiar to them would be posted up.

They all looked forward to this as Snowy would invariably have posted up one of his cartoons lampooning the orders and very often the Officers themselves would come in for some 'stick' but it was all taken in the best spirit.

He was also a star turn at concert parties for his stand up comedy routines. This was great for the men's spirit and morale and he was loved by officers and men alike. He was an NCO signaller with C Troop and as his photos testify a regular soldier joining the Artillery as a boy.

Always very proud of his military background he was a keen member of the Artillery association. His real name was Cyril, but was always called Tommy by his family and was a fine amateur boxer boxing under the title 'Kid Thomas.

Sadly Snowy went on his last parade in 1976 but will always live on in the memory of his pals.

His cartoons live on too, this one being about a football match.

This is typical Snowy, found in the memoirs of his troop Commander, Captain John Meredith, who the cartoon depicts. After Snowy found out that Capt. Meredith had started taking vitamin tablets he pinned this cartoon up on the notice board. Capt Meredith removed it - after everyone had enjoyed the joke, and kept it amongst his papers.